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Campsite near Nîmes: The arenas of Nîmes

The city of Nîmes is not only known for having made the famous denim fabric used for jeans. It also owes its fame to tourist sites which are all amazing. If you plan to stay in the region, you must absolutely visit the arenas of Nîmes .


The arenas of Nîmes are Roman amphitheaters found in the Gard . Built by the Romans towards the end of the 1st century, the amphitheatres had their original origin to entertain the inhabitants of the city. Over the years, the arenas will serve as a fort, a city, then definitely a place of entertainment. Composed of 60 arcades, 34 tiers and many cellars, the arenas constitute an imposing building. Arenas are often used in the Roman tradition as places for spectacles . This is how gladiator shows will be observed in the city. At that time, it was a common and highly prized thing. These very violent spectacles ended inexorably with the death of one of the fighters.


From now on, there will be no question in these arenas of bloody distractions from another time. The tourist site is now the ideal attraction for an outing with family or friends . Bullfights, harvest festivals and Pentecost are regularly celebrated there. Wrestling lovers will also be happy to watch WWE shows here. Besides the shows, you could visit the amphitheaters all year round. The arenas are the favorite places of artists, like Gad Elmaleh, Depeche Mode or Alicia Keys who played their biggest events there.

In summary, you no longer need to travel to Italy to discover beautiful amphitheatres. The city of Nîmes has had arenas for centuries that are worth seeing . For those who intend to spend their holidays in the Amandiers campsite, the unmissable event remains the great Roman games. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy on April 28, 29 and 30, 2018 an unprecedented representation of the life of Spartacus.

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Les arènes de Nîmes
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