La Grande-Motte

A town of visionary architecture, La Grande-Motte is a jewel of the 20th century. This city is a paradise for water-based sports and activities, as it is located between lakes and the Mediterranean Sea. It has 3 hectares of beach along the Mediterranean. It is bordered to the east by the artificial Étang du Ponant and to the north-west by the protected Étang de l’Or, both rich in biodiversity.

Created in the 60’s over marshland, La Grande-Motte can be recognized by the work of its architect Jean Balladur: its modern white buildings inspired by pre-Columbian pyramids, its convention center shaped like a pebble and its curved and airy Saint-Augustin Church. Designed from the very beginning to make life easier for pedestrians and cyclists, La Grande-Motte is a green city with many pedestrian paths lined with greenery and interspersed with bridges and contemporary sculptures. It has 25 km of greenways and 70% of the town is comprised of green spaces and natural areas. Guided tours of the city tell of the birth of its essence in its architect, the symbolism of its buildings, its secrets and surprises such as the “astronomical” Saint-Jean bridge where an opening in the pylon projects a circle of light onto the floor at the summer solstice.

As it is surrounded by water, La Grande-Motte offers a wide range of water-based activities: family boat rides, boat rental no license required, sailing classes, catamaran, paddleboarding, tubing, flyboarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, deep-sea fishing lessons, diving and introduction to sea turtles. A family Nautipass gives you discounts on 30 different activities.