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Cirque de Navacelles campsite: set off to explore


Located in Occitania, southern France, the Cirque de Navacelles is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Shared between the departments of Hérault and Gard, the circus of Navacelles is one of the sites that we offer to residents of the campsite in Lunel Les Amandiers. Return to a place steeped in history!

A very natural creation

The Navacelles circus does not represent a site for shows, but an incredible geographical space. The creation of the Cirque de Navacelles dates back 6000 years. We owe it to the river called Vis. The Vis has for a long time flowed in the limestone plateaus of Blandas and Larzac. There will be regular erosion of the rock. This displacement of the bed of the Vis will give birth to the circus of Navacelles. It is therefore the flow of water that has modified the rock that has contributed to the formation of the cirque. In addition to the forces of nature, the action of Man through deforestation and the cultivation of the Causses is at the origin of the Cirque de Navacelles . Consequently, the circus is a meander of gorges located in the Causses de Blandas and Larzac .

A site for outdoor activities

The Cirque de Navacelles is not only a breathtaking panorama, but a place where it is good to appreciate the village that bears its name. It has within it chapels and a cathedral. But, the main activity of the area remains the walk . Many routes will be proposed to you to visit the old bed of the Vis and the river itself. This site offers the particular advantage of being visited during all seasons, on foot or by bike . Discovering the Cirque de Navacelles means having the opportunity to meet the fauna and flora of the site. In addition, the Baume Auriol allows you to take a break in your hike and eat. What better way to taste local products? So don’t be told the experience of the Cirque de Navacelles, live it!

Coordinates of the place

Cirque de Navacelles
34520 Saint-Maurice-Navacelles